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What is a Horbey Spoon Fly?

Simply put, the Horbey Spoon Fly is the best Redfish Fly available. The movement of the lure is true spoon action. The fly is built with a titanium weed guard which does not break like other guards on traditional spoon flies. The fly has a true "concave" shape. It runs very shallow allowing you to sight-fish in 4" - 7" of water. Anyone who has seen this fly in action will tell you, it will "outfish" ANY other fly or spoon.

SIGHT CASTING (4'' to 12'' of water) - Cast slightly beyond the fish, and bring the fly in front of the fish with small, quick, 2'' to 3'' strips with tip of of the rod in the water.

DEEP WATER/BLIND CASTING (12'' to 18'' of water) - Allow the fly to sink 4 to 5 seconds. Retrieve with small, quick, 3'' to 4'' strips; every once in awhile allowing the fly to get back down to the bottom. Use with a Fluorocarbon 12lb to 15lb tippet.

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