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About Captain Tom Horbey

In the 70’s, Tom took to the road and hitch-hiked his way through North and Central America while carrying a bag of carpenter’s tools and a fly rod. The journey eventually ended in Southeast Texas where Tom became one of the first anglers to ply the bays of the Gulf Coast with a fly rod.

Having fished trout streams too numerous to count as well as both coasts of Central America, the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, Tom now calls Port O’Connor, TX home where he has been a full-time guide for over 16 years.
In addition to his guiding accolades, Tom is innovative fly-tier and is generally considered by many to be one of the foremost experts on catching trophy speckled trout on fly. Three customers have caught a state record fish during trips with Tom.

Tom's Philosophy

"First and foremost, I view guiding as a client/employee relationship. I’m there to work hard for my clients. I’ll put the same effort forth for either an expert fisherman or a total beginner. What I enjoy the most about guiding is meeting the daily challenge of finding the fish – under almost any circumstances and weather/tide conditions. I love watching a client – especially a beginner – just “light up” when he or she gets that first feel of really getting a rod to load and gets out a good cast. That is almost as good a feeling for me as it is when they hook up with their first Redfish or Speck. Well ….maybe the BEST is the wide-eyed look they hook up with a big Jackfish or their first Tarpon!"

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