Horbey Spoon Fly

What is a Horbey Spoon Fly?

Simply put, the Horbey Spoon Fly is the best Redfish Fly available. The movement of the lure is true spoon action. The fly is built with a titanium weed guard which does not break like other guards on traditional spoon flies. The fly has a true "concave" shape. It runs very shallow allowing you to sight-fish in 4" - 7" of water. Anyone who has seen this fly in action will tell you, it will "outfish" ANY other fly or spoon.

How do you fish the Horbey Spoon Fly?

- SIGHT CASTING (4'' to 12'' of water) - Cast slightly beyond the fish, and bring the fly in front of the fish with small, quick, 2'' to 3'' strips with tip of of the rod in the water.

- DEEP WATER/BLIND CASTING (12'' to 18'' of water) - Allow the fly to sink 4 to 5 seconds. Retrieve with small, quick, 3'' to 4'' strips; every once in awhile allowing the fly to get back down to the bottom. Use with a Fluorocarbon 12lb to 15lb tippet.

The flies are available in different colors:

Green with Copper Scale, Red with Gold Scale, Gray with Gold Scale, Clear with Copper Scale, Clear with Silver Scale, Clear with Gold Scale,

The Horbey Spoon Flies are $7.00 each plus shipping. Shipping to be determined by quantity and shipping location.

Direct requests to SALTLURES@AOL.COM.

Mailing Address:

Captain Tom Horbey
P.O. Box 801
Port O’Connor, TX 77982

Phone # 361-983-2263